“This investment of time is fully justified when a piece of jewellery is complete, perfectly realised, and finds its perfect wearer.”

Peter Schmid


Jewelry is as much about conversation, love, and friendship as it is about adornment. Like a good conversationalist, a great piece of jewelry should be complimentary, interesting but not overbearing, and truly genuine. The contrast between pure gold and oxidized silver and the visual harmony between brilliant gems keeps the dialogue in our visual design language original and scintillating. However our works of art only truly sparkle when they are worn. Meeting great people and pursuing interesting conversation is an important part of our studio’s mission. That’s why our gallery is not only a place find incredible objects but also a place to meet great people and engage in lively debate. So, please drop in for an upcoming event at Rosgartenstr. 4 in Konstanz, or join us ‘On the Road’… we’d love to see you soon. Check our ‘Sketchbook’ for upcoming dates!


Renovated in 2012 by Tobias Kraus, our shop on the Rosgartenstr. 4, is a contemporary gallery space that promotes innovation and craftsmanship. In addition to our own collection, our gallery presents a carefully curated group of international renowned artists and designers.


It’s hard to use the term ‘friend’ without being redirected to a social media site. Yet, we see friendship as set of crucial qualities – loyalty, empathy and affection – and an old-fashioned, honest interaction between people. Friendship is a core value of our studio and it is how we communicate within our close-knit team, and define our professional and personal relationships with… well, our friends… artists, designers, stone-cutters, collectors, curators, journalists, authors, galleries, our extraordinary clients, friends and family. Our informal, international Atelier Zobel community has resulted in a fruitful cross-­fertilization of ideas and influences that we believe is fundamental to our vision both as individual people as well as artists and goldsmiths, and is reflected in every piece we create. Friendship also means we are united by a commitment to authenticity, as well as dedication to seeking out and celebrating beauty that may be unfamiliar and fresh. All considered, we owe a great deal to our many friends: and we would like to say ‘thank you’. We would like to thank our colleagues and our friends, and also our clients who make everything possible. Thank you for the many thoughts, ideas, comments and suggestions, and kindnesses that enthuse, inspire and motivate us.


At Atelier Zobel, we have a particular affection for magnitude. Size is an ideal projection screen for audacious ideas. A large format piece is a diva that demands so much from us: courage, time, and careful consideration of the person for whom it’s designed. A large format piece has volume. This means it must suit the wearer’s body and personality alike, complementing both her individual style and defining and augmenting the part of the body on which it is worn. In fact, the piece must fit its wearer as perfectly as Cinderella’s glass slipper – which is why we call it the ‘Cinderella effect’. It is made for you, and only you, and it perfectly matches your beauty and your charisma, and amplifies both. You choose it, and it chooses you. You deserve this level of statement and individuality.