“Perfection is ideal. Beauty lies within our imperfections.”

Peter Schmid


Beauty springs from individuality, even imperfection, and manifests itself by being authentic – purely itself. Beauty surprises, and confounds expectations. The truly unique has a truly lasting appeal. A perfect stone with a perfect cut is of course a triumph of skill. But our jewelry owes its special charm and sophistication to our free use of materials, breaking with tradition, adding a diverse array of colors and materials to the goldsmith’s palette. We are not afraid to give an unexpected place of honor to an objet trouvé – a piece of meteorite, petrified coral or ancient ceramic shard. Our signature combination of pure gold and silver requires skillful mastery of techniques and tenacity to overcome challenging technical and physical barriers. But the results are worth the effort: creating a beautiful, striking surface that challenges and delights the eye. Of course, jewelry that defies all conventions may not reveal its full character but this also explains the depth and mystery of our creations, and the fascination that means they are never gaudy and always eminently wearable.


The interplay between stone, crystal, metal and light creates the deep beauty and coruscating colors of jewelry. Matching and bringing out color is one of the greatest challenges of our art. It calls for courage and sensibility, as well as knowledge about how rich and subtle shades and hues interact. Color also gives a stone its power to communicate, to stand as a symbol for values including strength, pristine purity, or joie de vivre. There are times when the contrast between light and dark accents depth, or seems to generate a new dimension altogether. There are also moments of practically mythic vision; for example, when the progressive orange-red of coral, after a turquoise has been added, suddenly evokes ancient memories of tribal culture. Color also requires a keen sense of the harmony between the shades and chromaticities of metals and stones, and balancing these to perfectly complement the wearer’s complexion and hair, the red of her lips, the hue of her irises.


I believe that goldsmiths have a great responsibility. The stones we work with have evolved in the depths of the earth, each born of a miraculous concatenation of circumstances. Each stone is unique and rich in potential meaning. Turning these remarkable stones into exceptional pieces of jewelry means appreciating their forms and character at the deepest level. Understanding the spirit of our stones and other precious materials also means we must respect the people and communities who provide them. We attach high importance to how our metals, gemstones and pearls are mined and harvested. We use exclusively conflict-free gold, and recycled materials when they are available. We also select our traders and gemstone cutters carefully, observing fair practices and accepting responsibility for our planetary environment. Our jewelry is not only aesthetically beautiful – it is spiritual. Each piece is made with love, to be treasured and worn close to its owner’s body year after year.


Awards are not important. Of course, it’s always flattering to be honored by a prestigious panel of judges, but ultimately they are of no true significance. The highest honor for us is to see a piece being worn – spotlighting a radiant aura and extending the wearer’s extraordinary personality. Our most loyal fans are often people who were initially skeptical and have come to fully embrace our work. Nevertheless, we’ve been persuaded to meet people’s expectations and create a short list of some of our recent distinctions; the Couture Design Award, in the permanent collection of the Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim and invited curator of the Modern Jeweler Academy…

“We make jewellery for those who strive to be authentic & distinct.”

Peter Schmid